Student Blogging challenge

For the student blogging challenge I had to think of a place I would like to visit and why.

One of the places that I want to go to is paris. It would seem like a great experiance and I would love to visit the effiel tower. Apparently they have delicious food and many great restraurants and cafes. It is also known for its gorgeous art and famous Stained glass in Saint Chapelle. They pride in their shops and I would love to explore them especially at christmas time. I also love history and the french revolution was a massive moment in history and they still have artefacts and evidence from it.

The History of Board Games (SBC)

Board games have actually been played throughout human history. It is used for leisure, strategy thinking or just to pass the time.

Board games actually started before language but mostly they just used dice that were made out of knuckle bones, turtle shell or wood. Later in the Roman Era they started to use ivory, brass, copper and marble and look more like the ones we had today.

Board games were also popular in Egyptian times and the played a game called Senet. They believed that you were blessed by the gods if you won at this and was sometimes placed in their tomb.

Another game people played was Mehen but there has been no evidence of the rules but there has been known a similar Arab game  played like this,  players each begin with six marbles and one lion. Stick dice as depicted above determine movement. Players start at the tail, along the outer edge of the board, and move towards the centre where the snake’s head rests. The players race to the centre with their marble pieces. Once a marble reaches center, movement reverses and players move towards the start again. The lion piece is then put into play. This predatory piece is used to capture (eat) an opponent’s marble pieces.

People believe that the game played for the longest time is Backgammon hoverer it is actually “Royal Game of Ur”. The rules were found on a stone tablet and then a school teacher remembered playing it when he was a kid.

The Macula is a game played starting with digging holes in the dirt using seeds or beans but they eventually got tired of this and made it into a proper board game. There are so many variations of this game it was hard to tell when it began though it was at least 1000 years ago.

Another popular Chinese game is Mah Jonng but was then later spread around the world.  The original version would probably not of all resembled the way we play it now days.






Visiting Victoria

If you are a tourist visiting Melbourne this is the perfect post for you. Here I will list famous tourist attractions and I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Royal Botanic gardens is a beautiful and calming place
  2. Queen Victoria markets is a set of  goergoeus markets with the cutets gift from soap to plants
  3. National Gallery i
  4. MCG is a famous sports ground
  5. Melbourne aquarium is amazing and shows amazing
  6. Puffing Billy has beautiful scenery and is perfect for the family
  7. Melbourne zoo has a wonderful display of once ina lifetime see animals
  8. The rememberence shrine makes us remember the sacrafices people made for us
  9. Healsville Sanctuary shows animals in their environment
  10. Melbourne Star gives views of the city that has never been seen before
  11. Royal exhibition Building
  12. Science Works is a exciting place and great kids
  13. Eureka Tower is and amazing place and is one of the highest places in australia
  14. Melbourne Museum is a historical place
  15. St. Kilda Beach is beautiful and a great place to hang out
  16. Parliament house is must see site

Holiday Recount

Though my holidays weren’t full with activities everyday , we had enough to do. I caught up with friends and family and had a short trip to Rosebud  for Easter where we did something that I will remember forever.


As I hopped out of the car the sharp wind blew into my face and I. Then mum, Will and I walked across the beach and we made footprints in the soft sand until we reached the pier. Luckily we were on time and the boat the Moonraker met us on the doc. We were swimming with dolphins and I could not wait for it to begin.


The people finally announced that everyone was here so we could put our wetsuits on and fit our flippers. My wetsuit was thick and I was sure that it would keep me warm but I thought wrong. My flippers were the perfect fit. Then I stepped out onto the boat and sat down. As I get a bit seasick I stared at the horizon to get rid of my churning stomach. Then I put my snorkel on and I was ready.


Then we neared something called Chinaman’s hut and the guide told us that it was a favorite seal resting place. From afar I could make out brown shapes sunbathing . Some were no bigger than me and others were so massive they looked like if the landed on my there is no doubt that I would be squashed. Then we entered the icy water which was a bit choppy. We swam near them and one literally swam under me, it was awesome.


Then someone spotted a dolphin so we stopped the boat immediately and though I was still numb with four jumpers around me I was ready for action. I could see the fins and sometimes they jumped out of the water but apparently it was feeding time and we couldn’t get too close. Then I pulled myself out of the water and then my brother mentioned that he lost his flipper and the crew had to find it. Finally it was spotted but through all the confusion I had not forgotten that I was freezing to death and I almost got hypothermia. Fortunately someone came around with hot chocolate, cookies and sandwiches. They were so good!

The next stop was seahorses but I was too cold so I just had a quick swim and when I got out the crew member said that I could have a warm shower. Then I got changed and soon the boat arrived at the doc. That was an adventure.

Term One Reflection

 I learnt a lot this term about the human body and I think I answered all of the Classes rich questions. I learnt about muscles, the brain and all the ways we can look after my body. We did lot’s of interesting things in performing arts such as vocal warm-ups and funny tongue twisters. In Italian we made Easter baskets and learnt how to play Tombola (An Italian Bingo) I enjoyed doing the stations of the cross in religion were we presented different ways of the parts of the Easter stories in creative ways. In religion I also realized the lack of girls education is such a big problem. Twilight sports was the best fun and everyone got into the spirit. I also had fun on St. Patrick’s day because we had the best food. My friends and I had a pleasing lunch time and recess playing and laughing. Maths was interesting because we did chance and data which is not that confusing when you think of it.

My Awesome Buddy

I have a cute buddy called Mykaela. Mykeala likes kittens and chocolate (just like me). Her hobbies are running, jumping on the trampoline, playing with her brother. Her favorite food it sausages and pancakes. Her favorite movie is “Puss in Boots” and “Milo and Otis”. Her favorite colors is pink and red. She is five years old. Her friends are Carly and Conner. She likes to play dragons.  Friendlee e_monk via CompfightDay 290 Wouter de Bruijn via Compfight