All About Me


This an A-Z paragraph:

I am athletic and beautiful! I do not like cats but I do like dogs. One of my favourite foods to eat is fish and chips. I like gymnastics. One of my hobbies is eating ice-cream and when I get excited I jump up and down. I am kind and like maths.  I am neat and optimistic. I like to paint. I am quiet sometimes but I can also be really loud and super crazy. I once tried to undertake surfing and now I find it very fun and I love the waves. I have never tried playing the xylophone but I wish I could. My third favourite colour is yellow and my third favourite animal is a zebra.


Sports: Netball and Gymnastics

Instrument: Piano

Hobbies: Surfing, bike riding and reading

I love: my family, puppies and chocolate

Pet: Patch my dog

Favourite Colour: Aqua


6 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hi Jasmine
    I really enjoyed reading your A to Z paragraph. I hope that you don’t mind that I am showing it to my class today and asking them to have a go at writing one themselves. I have referenced your page.
    kind regards
    Mrs Parker, Pillans Point School, Tauranga, NZ

  2. G’day Jazzy,
    What a great A-Z paragraph especially to fit in the third favourite animal and colour.
    Would it be OK for me to use this as an example in the next challenge?

  3. Hello Jasmine

    That was a brilliant way to introduce yourself! It reminded me of the School Song from Matilda, the Musical. Have you heard it?

    Mrs Ower
    Marbella, Spain

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