Caring for Creation Prayer

Today I am going to write a prayer for creation based on St.Francis’ ” Canticle of Creation”


Thank-you God, lord of creation in which we praise for life,

You shall be blessed and thanked for all the wonders of mankind,

Especially the shining sun,

Brigthening the world with a magnificent glow,

Be praised O Lord,

For the moon and stars

Guiding us in the night,

Be praised O Lord,

for the trees and bushes,

Making the world fresh and healthy,

Be praised O Lord,

For the pure water,

Which we use in our everday lives and could not do without it,

Be praised O Lord,

for the wind, hail and snow,

and many other weather conditions we are happy to have,

Be praised O Lord,

for fire and heat,

giving us warmth and cooked food,

Be praised O Lord,

for flowers of every kind,

for they give your world colour,

Be praised O Lord,

the people who look after this earth,

norishing it with care,

I thank you for all the beauty in our world.




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