A News Report on Recent Natural Disaster

This week for homework we were asked to write a report on a natural disaster. Today I will be reporting on the recent earthquake/ tsunami in Japan. So to hear more about this catastrophic disaster listen in.

A powerful earthwuake reaching 6.9 magnitude to hit the North East coast in Japan.  A Tsunami warning was also known urging all people there to flee to safety on higher ground also alerting elder members if in the family. Authorities warned them that is they did not evacuate immidiantly the disaster that happened in 2011 would duplicate.

The earthquake reached the city at 6.00am local time. Soon followed by some small waves and a Tsunami warning was sounded but authorities then informed people that the danger had passed for tsunamis. Later on it was told by  a local that he had seen high waves but nothing that went over the tidal barriers.

The earthquake reached the old nucelar power plant which was shut down in the earthquake in 2011, it also reached another powerplant along the coast and it stopped working for a couple if minutes but was then reactivated.

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