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10th of August

Women’s 400m Relay Freestyle  

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Who will win, and move on to the semi finals?

The atmosphere around the olympic pool is tense as the swimmers arrive in the arena. The countries involved in the Women’s 400m Relay Freestyle, in the heats, are Japan, Sweden, the world record holders from the  Netherlands, USA, China, Denmark, Great Britain with their fans cheers probably the loudest and our own country, Australia. Australians four relay swimmers are Cate Campbell one of the well known sisters, Alicia Coutts who will be starting the race off, Melanie Schlanger and Brittany Else Made who is a new asset to our team. Now the pressure is building as it is only less than a minute to the start. And the beep sirens. The Aussies are off to a great start but the USA is leading. After Alicia Coutts finishes another girl from Australia dives in. At halfway it looks like USA is first , China is second and Aussies are in third place. The USA touches the wall first on their third run and Australia is second. The Netherlands are now coming in second for the home run. It is a close battle from Australia and the Netherlands but Australia will go on to the semi finals  with the defending champions the Netherlands in second and USA in third. Australia had a great swim and a good first ever swim in the olympics for Britt, winning  on her first chance.

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