Summary of The Student Blogging Challenge

It has been a lot of fun doing the SBC but sadly it has come to an end I have asked myself some questions and given myself some feedback on how well I thought it was.

How many posts did I write? 6

How many comments did I receive? 8

Which post received the most comments? The post “A-Z all about me post” because it was funny and informative.

Which post did you most enjoy writing and why? I enjoyed writing “Conductors of static electricity” because I learnt a lot myself and I like science

Did I change my blog themes or titles? Yes I did change my title because it was too long.

How many widgets do I have? I have nine widgets but I want one about weather and one telling the time.

How many students from overseas do I have? I have a few but surprisingly I have more teachers.

What web tools did I use to show creativity on my blog?  I put a google form on,  a toondoo and I tried to put a wordle on but it was unsuccessful.

Now here is some questions for you….

What did I not do well on?

What did I do well on?

What can I do next time?

Any creative ideas that I could use in my blog or it’s posts?





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