The History of Board Games (SBC)

Board games have actually been played throughout human history. It is used for leisure, strategy thinking or just to pass the time.

Board games actually started before language but mostly they just used dice that were made out of knuckle bones, turtle shell or wood. Later in the Roman Era they started to use ivory, brass, copper and marble and look more like the ones we had today.

Board games were also popular in Egyptian times and the played a game called Senet. They believed that you were blessed by the gods if you won at this and was sometimes placed in their tomb.

Another game people played was Mehen but there has been no evidence of the rules but there has been known a similar Arab game  played like this,  players each begin with six marbles and one lion. Stick dice as depicted above determine movement. Players start at the tail, along the outer edge of the board, and move towards the centre where the snake’s head rests. The players race to the centre with their marble pieces. Once a marble reaches center, movement reverses and players move towards the start again. The lion piece is then put into play. This predatory piece is used to capture (eat) an opponent’s marble pieces.

People believe that the game played for the longest time is Backgammon hoverer it is actually “Royal Game of Ur”. The rules were found on a stone tablet and then a school teacher remembered playing it when he was a kid.

The Macula is a game played starting with digging holes in the dirt using seeds or beans but they eventually got tired of this and made it into a proper board game. There are so many variations of this game it was hard to tell when it began though it was at least 1000 years ago.

Another popular Chinese game is Mah Jonng but was then later spread around the world.  The original version would probably not of all resembled the way we play it now days.






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  1. G’day Jasmine,

    This was a great write up about board games, you’ve put a lot of effort into researching the topic. Which is your favourite board game to play?

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  2. This is great, Jasmine! I learnt so much about the history of board games from reading your post. My favourite board games is Trivial Pursuit and y second favourite is Monopoly.

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