Caring for Creation Prayer

Today I am going to write a prayer for creation based on St.Francis’ ” Canticle of Creation”


Thank-you God, lord of creation in which we praise for life,

You shall be blessed and thanked for all the wonders of mankind,

Especially the shining sun,

Brigthening the world with a magnificent glow,

Be praised O Lord,

For the moon and stars

Guiding us in the night,

Be praised O Lord,

for the trees and bushes,

Making the world fresh and healthy,

Be praised O Lord,

For the pure water,

Which we use in our everday lives and could not do without it,

Be praised O Lord,

for the wind, hail and snow,

and many other weather conditions we are happy to have,

Be praised O Lord,

for fire and heat,

giving us warmth and cooked food,

Be praised O Lord,

for flowers of every kind,

for they give your world colour,

Be praised O Lord,

the people who look after this earth,

norishing it with care,

I thank you for all the beauty in our world.




Inquiry Learning

This term we have been learning about Geography and how we can look after the environment. We have learnt about climate change and what it does to the world. We have learnt about the bad affects of plastic and pollution. We have learnt about different countries and their geographical features.

Macquarie Island

Here is my information report on Macquarie island.

Fur Seals of Macquarie Island

Fur seals were native to Macquarie Island but sadly they are now extinct from their natural home because of the hunting by humans for their oil, blabber and their skin and later on the population grew because of the efforts of ARNE base on Macquarie Island. They live in the conditions of Macquarie Island. They prey on the animals of Macquarie Island. The fur seal population consists of three species. I will  now explain further about the Macquarie Island seals.


How were Fur Seals eliminated from Macquarie island and brought back again?

In 1810 Macquarie Island was discovered and a decade later all the fur seals had been eliminated from their home for their skin. That was it for their population until in 1948 the ARNE was established and fur seals were breeding there, it was not until the 1980s their population began to increase rapidly.  


Physical Shape

Otarid seals also called eared seals because they have obvious stick out ears. They also have large flippers that can be turned to face forward and back ones  that help them to walk or waddle. Having flippers that bend forward allows them to stay in a sit up position. Fur seals have a thick rough coat to protect them from the cold.


What did the Fur Seals prey on?

Fur seals eat at night and dive at great depths up to 180m to catch large groups of fish and squid which are usually eaten underwater. The larger fish are usually taken to the surface and eaten there.


What conditions did the Fur Seals live in?

Fur seals are used to living in the cold conditions of Macquarie Island with it’s high winds because they have thick fur to keep themselves warm. They usually spend most of their time in the sea hunting with others members from their herd but unlike dolphins they regularly haul-out.  


How many species were there?

All together there are eight type of fur seals but currently there are only three species of fur seals living on the Island. Those three are Antarctic-(Arctocephalus gazella), subantarctic- (A. tropicalis) and least commonly the New Zealand fur seals.


These fur seals were extinct from Macquarie Island from our ancestors greedy need of oil and seal skin but the ARNAE group brought them back and their population rose to many and we have our original fur seals back on the island. Now  after over 130 years of the cessation of sealing the Parks and Wildlife programs make sure they will be there forever and do pup and seal counts every year.



  • ARNE: an association that helps the environment and animals
  • Cessation:the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end
  • Haul-out: Hauling-out is the behavior associated with pinnipeds (true seals, sea lions, fur seals and walruses), of temporarily leaving the water between periods of foraging activity for sites on land or ice.
  • Otarid: member of the Otariidae family of eared seals which includes the sea lions  and the fur seals


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Adjectival phrases

For homework these couple of weeks we are making our own adjectival phrases and using them in sentences, here is an example of mine.

  • The cold rushing water rose upon the sand
  • The dog’s bark was unbelievably loud 
  • The tree was dusty charcoal black
  • The speed of the wind dropped dangerously quickly
  • The suspiciously new  footprints were printed on the sand 

For idea’s to make your own go here

Term 3 Reflection and Stuff to look forward to in Term 4

 I enjoyed this term, learning about parliament. I enjoyed going on the excursion to the city. I liked doing the gymnastics. I found doing the pottery very interesting and the finished product, amazing. I liked doing the netball with the grade six girls. I learnt a lot doing BODMAS. I can not wait for the actual debate that we are doing tomorrow. Leadership groups involved lots of teamwork and lots of fun. It was very exciting watching the Olympics and cheering for Australia. In Religion we got to watch the whole movie on the Prince of Egypt on YouTube because it connects with our learning on Moses. Debating was fantastic with the class and our side won, Go Affirmative.I  can not wait for next term because we have camp, learning more about geography, doing performing arts and more maths.

Olympic Sport Review

Jasmine Hunter
Olympics Sports News

Taking sports fro  the Olympics straight to you

10th of August

Women’s 400m Relay Freestyle  

Insert a picture or photo in here

Who will win, and move on to the semi finals?

The atmosphere around the olympic pool is tense as the swimmers arrive in the arena. The countries involved in the Women’s 400m Relay Freestyle, in the heats, are Japan, Sweden, the world record holders from the  Netherlands, USA, China, Denmark, Great Britain with their fans cheers probably the loudest and our own country, Australia. Australians four relay swimmers are Cate Campbell one of the well known sisters, Alicia Coutts who will be starting the race off, Melanie Schlanger and Brittany Else Made who is a new asset to our team. Now the pressure is building as it is only less than a minute to the start. And the beep sirens. The Aussies are off to a great start but the USA is leading. After Alicia Coutts finishes another girl from Australia dives in. At halfway it looks like USA is first , China is second and Aussies are in third place. The USA touches the wall first on their third run and Australia is second. The Netherlands are now coming in second for the home run. It is a close battle from Australia and the Netherlands but Australia will go on to the semi finals  with the defending champions the Netherlands in second and USA in third. Australia had a great swim and a good first ever swim in the olympics for Britt, winning  on her first chance.

Summary of The Student Blogging Challenge

It has been a lot of fun doing the SBC but sadly it has come to an end I have asked myself some questions and given myself some feedback on how well I thought it was.

How many posts did I write? 6

How many comments did I receive? 8

Which post received the most comments? The post “A-Z all about me post” because it was funny and informative.

Which post did you most enjoy writing and why? I enjoyed writing “Conductors of static electricity” because I learnt a lot myself and I like science

Did I change my blog themes or titles? Yes I did change my title because it was too long.

How many widgets do I have? I have nine widgets but I want one about weather and one telling the time.

How many students from overseas do I have? I have a few but surprisingly I have more teachers.

What web tools did I use to show creativity on my blog?  I put a google form on,  a toondoo and I tried to put a wordle on but it was unsuccessful.

Now here is some questions for you….

What did I not do well on?

What did I do well on?

What can I do next time?

Any creative ideas that I could use in my blog or it’s posts?